First Came Forever by Annie Woods

Published: 2017 by Vanguard Press

Genre: General Fiction

Back cover synopsis: “First love. A promise of forever. A lie that changes everything.

Backpacking with her high school friends, Erica Lindell’s life takes a thrilling new turn. Meeting the fascinating Sasha Ailes, she can’t help but fall completely and irrevocably in love with him. When he feels the same way about her, Erica finds herself drawn into a fairytale love story that will set her life on a new direction. But Sasha has kept his true identity a secret. Finding out who he really is, Erica must overcome the betrayal make the hardest choice of her life. Can she give up her own dreams to live in his world, or leave and lose him forever?

First Came Forever is an enchanting heart- wrenching story about finding true love and the devastating consequences it can lead to. What price is too high to pay, even for love?”

My impressions: Addictive!

Erica Lindell and three of her besties go backpacking in Vietnam before their senior year and to celebrate their coming of age. While on this trek, her friends decide to stay at a party, and Erica goes on to meet the alluring and handsome Sasha. But Sasha has a secret. He has not told Erica who he really is. When she finds out she feels betrayed. Can she overcome this and share a love and life with Sasha while giving up on her own dreams?

With a new school comes new friends- Danny, Ricky, and bad-boy Tyler. Even though the characters are in high school, you felt connected to them. Annie was wonderful at building characters and dynamics that kept you feeling is if these could be people you know. Each character was well-developed and had interesting, intertwining links that helped move the story forward. They were dynamic, likable, and flawed, which made them all relatable.

Though seemingly just a romance and love triangle, don’t be fooled. There are the thrilling twists and turns in the story that give it depth and credibility and leave you wanting more. This story is not what you expect. Many emotions are rampant throughout, so have your tissues ready when you read it.

Some scenes in the book are not PG-13 so please be advised. While listed as general fiction/teen-this book is also contemporary YA novel.

The story is full of romance, drama, passion, suspense, and surprising twist. I love this book! It took me a while to read it but I hated to put it down to go to work or anything else. I would have read it in one sitting if life and the holidays had not gotten in the way. I give this book a five out of five rating. It was a wonderful read!

I would like to thank author Annie Woods for sending me a copy of this book in return for an honest review.

Dream With Little Angels

dream“[A tree]… hiding the small body…naked and pink. Her eyes are closed…Her breath is gone…She’s too small for this hill, too small for this tree.” Dream with Little Angels takes place in 1987, 12 years after a young girl was found dead under a tree. Now another girl is missing. The town of Alvin, Alabama , is scrambling, trying to find her alive before she is discovered under that same tree too. Then days later, another girl vanishes. This book is a suspenseful mystery that has you believing one person could be the killer/abductor, and then something else suspicious occurs and you think, then, that, no- maybe it’s this character. Told through the eyes and mind of young Abe, the son of the town’s only detective mother, it gives a unique perspective on a mystery. A mystery that Abe and his best friend Dewey intend to solve. Given the the fact that there are so many suspicious characters, their imaginations lead them to begin to mistrust everyone. There is also a backstory of Abe’s family dynamics, which are faltering and fragile. This book was one that captivated me and I fell asleep, book in hand, every night I read it. I feel it is a genuinely good read and a definite for mystery lovers. 5/5.

Grief is the Thing With Feathers

griefI found this book while in Munich, at an English bookshop there. The cover and title so intrigued me that I put other books back to purchase it. (Limited book funds, you know.) I was really looking forward to reading it.
Told in a type of poetry/prose from the perspective of a nurturing crow. It is a bit confusing. The crow tends to a family of a father and his two young boys after their wife/mother’s death. I give it 2/5 stars because of the uniqueness of the story concept. It won lots of awards so many people may love it. Personally I was disappointed.

The Thing About Love

img_8759Finally finished this one graciously sent to me for review by @jmrteam and @jmraphaelle. Romance is not my usual genre but I did enjoy this book and I am a very slow reader because of time constraints, but towards the end I couldn’t put it down. I have already told y’all I am not much of a romance reader but there’s a twist- kind of mystery to it as well. Ellie is heartbroken- her guy Mike ( AKA jerk- and that’s being kind) left her without a word. Not so much as an ‘It’s not you – it’s me’.. she has spent 5 months mourning this loss and grieving and wondering what the H happened and WHY?!?! “I thought time healed all wounds. I’m still waiting…”. Then there’s Jack. He is amazing! AND one of Mike’s best friends. Can Ellie find true and lasting love after all that’s happened? Of course there are some twists and turns along the way – it wouldn’t be interesting if there weren’t- but you do find the characters appealing and the overall plot is one where you feel you HAVE to know what happened. Ellie stands in her own way a lot and at one point she even says” I let my fears of getting hurt again get the best of me.” No spoilers here, but the ending is satisfying. Ellie is totally relatable and you just yearn for her to be happy, but is SHE, one of her friends puts it “…in her own way.” I so totally get it. I will say this is not what I would consider a YA book -for teens anyway. There is some adult language and situations in the book that are very explicit. Not that the reader would mind, very mild compared to the 50 Shades series. All in all- give the book ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ I believe if you enjoy this genre, you’d really like this book. I know I did😊