Fallen Mountains by Kimi Cunningham Grant


When Transom Shultz goes missing shortly after returning to his tightly knit hometown of Fallen Mountains, Pennsylvania, his secrets are not the only ones that threaten to emerge. 
Something terrible happened seventeen years ago. Red, the sheriff, is haunted by it. Possum, the victim of that crime, wants revenge. Chase, a former friend of Transom’s, is devastated by his treacherous land dealings. And Laney worries her one thoughtless mistake with Transom could shatter everything she’s built.
As the search for Transom heats up and the inhabitants’ dark and tangled histories unfold, each must decide whether to live under the brutal weight of the past or try to move beyond it. In Fallen Mountains, even loyalty, love, trust, and family can trap you on a path of tragedy.”


I live in a town called Cowpens. No joke. So I know small towns and Grant has done a superb job at giving readers a pretty good idea what life is like living in one. The story is told in parts of BEFORE and AFTER Transom’s disappearance. It was an easy to follow and not confusing at all. The quality of her writing is amazing. I would venture to say flawless. Grant spins a tale so realistically, I was blown away. She has a gripping style of drawing you into the story, the characters, and the secrets.

Perfectly paced, she gradually introduces the characters with an approach that connects you to them and each individual arc. You get to know these characters and their backstories in such a way that you feel attached to them. They are flawed, with both favorable and erroneous characteristics, that are realistically portrayed.

Perplexing at times, because there are so many suspects, the plot is one of mystery, suspense, and intrigue. You are kept suspense until the very satisfying end. I read this book and if life hadn’t have gotten in the way I would’ve read it one sitting. It is utterly fascinating. Grant has masterfully developed a novel that will keep the reader wondering and guessing until the conclusion. 5/5

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