All That Wil Burn by Judd Mercer


From the ashes, a legend will rise. Amidst an eternal war between good and evil, headstrong Sofia explores the afterlife in search of her lost past in this illustrated dark fantasy epic. . . . Washed ashore on a desolate beach, Sofia arrives in the afterlife with no memories—only nightmares, and a darkness within her she cannot explain. As Sofia wanders the timeless world of the Orvida in search of answers, she discovers it is no eternal of paradise. Within the shadows of sprawling vistas amass the imuertes, the lost souls of the damned. After a chance encounter with the Ebrahym, a mysterious, winged Sanguinir warrior, Sofia is drawn into a conflict a millennium in the making. Now, caught between the wary eye of the angelic Host, and the growing threat of the imuertes driven to war by a newly ascended lord, Sofia must find the strength to face the enemy at the gates—and the demons that lurk within.”


All I can say is that this book is nothing short of amazing. Epic? Absolutely! It is not your typical dark fantasy. Set in the afterlife, our protagonist, Sofia, traverses between good and evil in a story arc that takes her, and the reader, through a midst of emotions. I felt her longing to find answers, her fear, her expectations and wishes. She was truly a dynamic and perplexing MC. I loved her internal struggles and the development of her character!

I am getting ahead of myself. I am just so excited about this novel. The word building and quality of writing is wonderful. The author paints pictures of worlds, both literally and figuratively, that you can become submersed in. There is a talent here that is solid and the author is truly gifted.

The pacing was consistent and cogent. In fact, it was perfect and time elapsed quickly as I read. I hate cliché terms but I literally could not put this book down. (I burned dinner because of it.) The characters were so vivid and convincing, I believe this may be a new favorite book for me. I can hardly wait to read more from this author.

I could go on and on about the premise of the book, but the blurb surmises it well.  The plotline is uncommon and exceptionally cultivated. The afterlife presented is sui generis and unexpected. It is good vs evil, but so much more. It explores the journey of Sofia from lost and unsure, to confidant and assertive.

I’ve already touched on the character development, which was phenomenal, IMHO. Thusly, suffice it to say that the characters were quite detailed. The setting was rich and spectacular. The author’s watercolor illustrations lend themselves well to the telling of the tale. And they are beautiful!

This was escapism at it’s best and such a joy to read. The subject matter, though caliginous, was so intriguing that I found myself visualizing and speculating myself, what it must be like. This story took the MC and the reader on a journey and it was brilliant.

5/5 stars for this imaginative and unorthodox novel.

I was given this book by the publisher via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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