A Prayer for the Necromancer by C. Wain (The Shinigami Tomes Book 1)


“Blood. Fear. Death. Love. The legends of old tell of a primordial Creator. Merciful and lonely he was when he breathed new life into the barren womb of Oar, the everlasting universe. The Creator’s very essence and mana stood silently for stability and life.

Amidst gods and mages, the warming darkness of a mysterious man enshrouds the life of a young village girl.
What happens when common beliefs hide the true evil in light?
What happens when a rogue and despised necromancer sacrifices his own flesh for the sake of others?”


The writing style of this book is very different than what I am used to reading. There is a lot of “inner thoughts” or internal dialogue. The author is very good at illustrative writing. It is detailed and very expressive. Some scenes of violence are rather graphic, which serves the purpose of the story well. You GET that what is happening is horrific and those perpetrating the acts are evil beings. I use the term ‘beings’, because this story doesn’t take place in our universe, but some other realm. To be honest, I was a bit confused at first and had to re-read certain parts to understand what was going on (there was a lot going on throughout the entire book.) Once I had a clear grasp of what was happening, though, it was truly very interesting. The author’s sentence structure and word building are striking in that the images and scenes depicted can be easily imagined. The quality of expression is this author utilizes is quite evocative.

There was a good build up that flowed at a steady rate, but when there was action- it was FULL ON! The author brings you through this dark fantasy adventure at a perfect pace, holding back and then revving up again, driving the story in such a way as to keep you engaged. There were shifts in the flow of the tale that kept you on your toes while reading and provided a feeling of wanting to read further to see what would happen next.

I absolutely loved the character Aline. She is feisty, independent, and can hold her own. On of my favorite quotes from the book is when she is speaking with her father about marriage and she says “…ignorant men who think that women should stay at home and die alone after a miserable, uneventful life. No, Father! I will never be a man’s possession!” Talk about sass & strength of spirit! The other MC, Kaze, is a bit harder to pin down. I can’t decide if I like him or not. Of course, there are plenty of supporting characters, both friend and foe, that you get caught up in as well. At times, it seemed there were almost too many too keep up with.

The plot is so imaginative and complex. I was quite surprised at how intense the narrative is; a very well thought out premise on the part of the author. This book is truly unlike anything I have ever read before, which makes it more intriguing. I sensed undertones of religion and spirituality in the story that I had not expected. There many cliffhangers and loose ends that entice you to read the next book, hoping some of that will come together.

This was an entertaining bit of escapism for me. Although it was not as easy to read as I might have liked, it was still followable. I was delighted to see that book 2 is already available and I do intend to read it. I give it 4/5 only because it was a bit confusing and seemed to have a bit too much going on all at once. Of course, if Id not been distracted b reality, this may not have been the case. I am looking forward to continuing with the saga. 4/5.

This book was given to me by the publisher via Netgalley. all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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