Confessions of Jonathan Flite by Matthew Beier

Jonathan Flite claims to have memories he can’t explain. Seven layers of them, to be exact, all belonging to a group of teenagers who disappeared from a place called Idle County in 2010—ten years before his birth. Seventeen years of anxiety, violent outbursts, and refusal to admit he is lying have landed him at Crescent Rehabilitation Center, a seaside juvenile center for rich kids, and nobody has ever dared to believe his memories might be real.

Until now. On a blustery November day just three months after a nuclear terrorist attack in Geneva, Switzerland, ex-CIA psychiatrist Thomas Lumen arrives at Crescent to interview Jonathan for a book about Idle County. Fueled by his personal connection to the disappearances three decades earlier, he asks Jonathan to share what he knows—anything and everything.

By reigniting this thirty-year-old mystery, however, Jonathan inadvertently becomes a target of the very same religious terrorists who attacked Geneva, and they’ll stop at nothing to keep the secrets of Idle County under wraps. Jonathan must then make a choice: to continue telling his story, or risk the safety of everyone he loves.”

Quality of writing: This is well written and engaging. The author uses descriptive language to help the reader vividly imagine scenes and characters.

Pace: The story is well paced. Not too fast or slow. The steadiness of the pace keeps readers from getting bored and skimming.

Plot line: This book is a page turner. Intriguing, and descriptive, the narrative is thought out and unique. 

Character Development: I felt the character development was strong. The author again, used detailed, and expressive terms that allowed the reader to get a sense of the characters’ personality and appearance.

Ease of Reading: This story was not difficult to read at all. The story line was easy to follow.


I’m a bit crazy about this book! It was engrossing and made you wonder what would happen next. The story is told through differing timelines with complex characters. It was a fantastic read. I felt the story was structured and captivating. The author’s writing skills are impeccable. I am so excited to read the next in the series. I found myself absorbed in the story. It was very interesting and it felt as if life got in the way of my reading =0)  I highly recommend this book. 5/5 stars.


I received this book from the publisher via Netgalley in exchange for and honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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