Dream With Little Angels

dream“[A tree]… hiding the small body…naked and pink. Her eyes are closed…Her breath is gone…She’s too small for this hill, too small for this tree.” Dream with Little Angels takes place in 1987, 12 years after a young girl was found dead under a tree. Now another girl is missing. The town of Alvin, Alabama , is scrambling, trying to find her alive before she is discovered under that same tree too. Then days later, another girl vanishes. This book is a suspenseful mystery that has you believing one person could be the killer/abductor, and then something else suspicious occurs and you think, then, that, no- maybe it’s this character. Told through the eyes and mind of young Abe, the son of the town’s only detective mother, it gives a unique perspective on a mystery. A mystery that Abe and his best friend Dewey intend to solve. Given the the fact that there are so many suspicious characters, their imaginations lead them to begin to mistrust everyone. There is also a backstory of Abe’s family dynamics, which are faltering and fragile. This book was one that captivated me and I fell asleep, book in hand, every night I read it. I feel it is a genuinely good read and a definite for mystery lovers. 5/5.

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